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From the desk of JayKay Bak

Dear Smart Marketer,

There's little doubt about it. The Internet Marketing Niche is a lucrative one. The IM Niche has certainly changed my life, for example. And, we all hear and see the stories (even ignoring the hype) of the money that waits in the IM Niche. Perhaps you've had a taste of it yourself? And yet, it doesn't take long to discover the other fact about this niche. All that money and all those eager buyers attract competition, making IM one of the most highly competitive niches on the web, right?

Eventually, like most of us, you start a blog or mini-site selling your own or someone else's product or service in the IM Niche, for profit and whatever other reasons. So you ask yourself, "What can I do to help me enter and even succeed and grow in such a competitive area?" Speaking from experience, two or three things come to mind where we as marketers can usually improve our game: reputation and/or authority, quality fresh content regularly, and traffic and/or lists.

Now, how do you develop authority and/or reputation? Quality fresh content regularly will certainly help. The same can be said for traffic and lists (as you likely already know). Keep providing quality fresh content on a regular basis, and your authority, reputation, traffic, and subscribers will grow, won't they? Well, of course they will. And, so will your income!

In fact, Unselfish Marketers has used and taught this as one of our most effective success principles since 2006 while serving the IM Community. The IM Niche responds to this model, and responds consistently, eagerly, and profitably! We've proven it year after year, and so can you! Interested?

Here's How We Can Help

One of the advantages of owning a series of membership sites serving the IM Community like Unselfish Marketer does, is that we get to see what works and what doesn't on a very large scale. We've noticed that no matter if your marketing efforts include list building, newsletter continuity, private member blogs, or a row of others, Well Written Reports About IM Topics Delivered Regularly are still one of the strongest tools in our toolkit as marketers!

To help our members, we developed a product to address the need for fresh quality content. A product that our members could use as a tool for growing in this competitive and yet lucrative niche - "Unselfish Reports". Our members "gobbled them up" as fast as we could produce. They found dozens of creative uses, and asked for more. Now we are ready to release this proven tool to the Public, so YOU Can Benefit Too!

At Unselfish Reports, We Deliver 3 Internet Marketing Related PLR Reports Every Month!

Unselfish Reports Reporrt

Quality IM Related PLR Reports To Establish YOU as an IM Authority Across The Topic!

Private Label Rights means YOU can declare yourself as the author. Spin these reports, or rewrite, or regroup them to make them reflect your tone, style, and needs, and call them your own. (The ONLY restriction is that you do not distribute the source DOC files!) The quality level of these reports will give you a solid start point no matter how you use them.

Deliver Hot Topic Sub-Niche IM Reports to Your Prospects or Subscribers Every Month!!

Now, imagine the reactions when you deliver this one example month content:

(Remember, a "solid" blog post or article is around 500 to 650 words.)

How To Outsource
Internet Marketing

4505 words
Promoting With Digg
4020 words
When To Use 3rd
Party Sites To Sell

4690 words

Or now, imagine the reactions when you deliver this second example month content:

How To Use Social
Networks To Build A List

4470 words
Selling Benefits Is Still
The Name Of The Game

4511 words
Where To Find IM
Advertising Dollars

4788 words

Or, the Months 3, 5, ...12 and beyond Content?
Are YOU Ready To Be An IM Super Star?
Could You Think of a Way To Profit With This Level of Content?

Yeah,... we thought you might...

Try This For One Month With Your Favorite Marketing Method Or Plan...
Your Subscribers/Prospects Will Love It... So Will You !

What Sets Unselfish Reports Apart From The Rest?

Unselfish Reports bulletpoint Hot Topic High Activity Niches - Through our primary membership sites, we communicate with hundreds (even thousands) of marketers every month. We understand what's hot! Click your visitors' HOT Buttons.

Unselfish Reports bulletpoint Reliable World Class Service With A Proven Record - A reputation of consistent over-delivery, complete with a user support forum.

Unselfish Reports bulletpoint An Exclusive Membership With an Exclusive Product - The only way to get access to these Reports is by joining Unselfish Reports.

Unselfish Reports bulletpoint Consistent Quality and Variety at a Controlled, Affordable Price - No More Weeding Out Authors or Random Results, and No More Inflated Price, Re-Written Materials, and No More $1 per Hundred Words! And all in a Well Researched, Native English Style!

OK, But How Much Does All This Cost??

The PLR Market has evolved into a few pricing models. Free or near free PLR is usually approaching junk that requires extensive rewrites. Ghost-written Exclusive PLR can be great if you can afford it and find a quality writer. The Membership model we chose sort of combines these and offers a quality researched and written, nearly exclusive product with a bulk price.

Unselfish Reports Membership Card

We chose this monthly membership model because it helps all our members control costs. Quality writers often charge $1 per hundred words, even for a shared distribution product. That would be as much as $100 to $140 per month for these reports.

Through the Unselfish Reports Monthly Membership, you can get these reports delivered straight to you for a fraction of that cost. For a silly and "Unselfish" price of $17 per month paid through PayPal, you can lock in our introductory price. Stay with us for 20 months, and your membership automatically goes to "Lifetime for Free" status at no further charge. You can cancel at any time, or you can stay as long as you want or need.

Unselfish Reports bulletpoint Take Advantage of a Package That Offers the Benefits of -
- outsourcing as part of a group of buyers to give you -
- bulk pricing through a membership model, then -
- "spin for the win" and make them unique and YOURS.
- - hand spin, rewrite, or outsource the spin
- - or use one of the popular spinners then edit yourself
- package them as you wish: as PDFs, or Series of Reports, or Combine as a Book, or whatever!!

Unselfish Reports bulletpoint No More Researching New Topics - Outsourcing alone instead of as a group can get expensive in money and management time. Self-authoring can take more of both!

Unselfish Reports bulletpoint No More Need to Surf Article Directories and Blogs - This only costs you more time, and the author box equals a link out and lost credibility. Ignore credits and risk the dreaded DCMA.

Unselfish Reports bulletpoint Secure an Inexpensive Way to Start the Ball Rolling With Fresh Content Each Month - Free up your time for other things and save on the outsource money.

Full 100% Money Back GuaranteeMy "No Worries" guarantee is that I want you to feel happy and even proud of your investment

So, if anytime within the first 30 days (even on the 30th day) you're not absolutely overjoyed with what you receive then just let me know, open a ticket and I'll gladly give you 100% of your investment back.


Quietly and Promptly, No Questions Asked!

And that's a promise

Are You Ready For Fresh Quality PLR Material to Make Your Own?... Every Month?... Your Prospects and Subscribers Likely Are!

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To Your Success,

JayKay Bak
CEO, Unselfish Marketers Co. Ltd.

P.S. Boost and support your marketing efforts, you owe it to yourself to use the best tools you can. Start Today and Cancel at Any Time.

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